Our Promise

Northern Plains Plumbing, Heating & Air is a team of professionally skilled designers and installers who have earned our reputation based on the distinguished service and craftsmanship we have provided in our area. We maintain our dedication and commitment to service by directly working with our clients on every stage of the designing and installation process to ensure that each individual project is treated with the highest standard of excellence and care. Our specialty is working with clients to offer the finest in bath and kitchen plumbing fixtures and the latest technology available in HVAC systems.

Drilling & Excavating


Northern Plains Drilling is a certified well drilling company who provides a full range of geothermal well drilling and loop system installation and water well drilling. Northern Plains Drilling warranties wells, materials and workmanship for 1 year upon completion of system.

Services we can provide for you:

Vertical loop well

Loop materials

Grouting of hole

All fusion welding of pipe and header up to first joint inside mechanical rome

Pressure test system

Purging of system with or without antifreeze

Permits and mapping of loop field

Water wells


Northern Plains Excavating specializes in the installation and repair of septic systems. Our experienced team can lay out a septic system for your new home or help you with the repair of your existing system.

Services we can provide for you:

Backhoe service

Water lines

City Water Service and curb stop repair

Snow removal and sanding (commercial)

Custom trucking available

Septic Pumps & Tanks

Basement and Footing Backfilling

Excavation of Footings

Driveways and Culvert Installation

City Water & Sewer Installation

Septic Systems

Rural Water Service